I've been working on several projects in past years described with more detail below. These are mainly academic or more personal projects.


Inertia Framework

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Hello World
by Team Inertia for ImagineCup 2008

A sustainable environment themed game prototype, created during off-work hours, where the objective was the maintenance of a good and livable environment in the planet, while advancing technologically.

The players experienced the consequences of their past actions and could react accordingly, if necessary, to correct their behavior before the world perished.

The early game prototype passed second round in ImagineCup 2008 and later won a 1st Place Microsoft XNA Pizza Night 2008 award.

"Imagine a world of your own. What would you do with it?!"

Team Inertia
  Carlos Ramalhão:
  João Abrantes.
  João Pires:


Chrono Trigger: Remake Project
by CTRP Team, 2004-2005

The Chrono Trigger: Remake Project was a total conversion for Unreal Engine 2.X based on the Squaresoft classic game, Chrono Trigger.

While the project lasted, we were working to achieve a fun remake true to the original game with a few cool revamped features (such as mini-games, side quests, new events, and a co-op mode).

The Chrono Trigger: Remake Project team, intended to build up their experience with this task of remaking the original CT, while having fun recreating their favorite scenes, characters and locations from the original game.

From roughly 2004 to April 2005, I was responsible in leading a group of fine gentleman, bringing cohesion when recreating the diverse assets needed to the project. My other functions were: 3d modeler, texture artist, Unreal scripting, environment designer, engine manipulation and web designer.

While the goal was certainly utopic, the main purpose was having fun while recreating and building up experience in the several arts needed in this craft.

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