Professional experience (3 years) in Video Game Development as a 3D Artist, Scripter and Designer.


Programs Programming Languages & APIs
- Photoshop CS5 - C/C++
- Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 - C#
- Zbrush 3.1 - XNA
- Unreal Engine - DirectX
- OpenGL
- Lua Scripting Language
- Unreal Script

Past Works (More Soon!)


Crypts and Big Lizards (Proof-of-concept)
by Spellcaster Studios, 2008

Early prototype created on Unreal Engine 2.x in just a few days as a proof-of-concept for Spellcaster Studios in 2008.

In Crypts & Big Lizards, I was asked to create the actual prototype in Unreal Engine 2.x, I've ended doing different tasks such as:
- Pre-Production Art.
- Cinematics.
- Effects in Shaders and Particles.
- Programming and Scripting.
- 3D Models and Animations (Props, parts of the Environment and some of the Characters, like the Cavern Ogre).


Blitz and Massive: The A.R.S.E. Generation
by Spellcaster Studios, 2006-2007

"'Blitz and Massive: The A.R.S.E. Generation' is a Graphical Adventure in a futuristic space environment with a teenage/adult humour based plot and satirical tone around many well known space operas."

"Aboard the UPS Nebulator, a military space cruiser, live our adventure heroes, Blitz and Massive. They are the Nebulator's Probots and work as jack of all trades whenever necessary or even when it's not, getting into a series of troubles, some of them even caused by themselves. Blitz is a small hovering robot with a neurotic personality. He has aspirations of becoming a great comedian and uses his humour whenever he has the chance, normally without any success. Massive is a bulky robot with an introspective personality. He's the quieter of the two, yet he doesn't miss his chance of saying something caustic when he needs too."

"The plotline of this Adventure is divided in 5 episodes, each with a different story but connected in certain features. The events take place inside the Nebulator and in different zones of the galaxy, from alien planets to abandoned starships and even back on Earth."

"During their quests, Blitz and Massive gain a deadly enemy for life, Lord Drollon, a despotic overlord with delusions of grandeur that wants to rule the galaxy by any means necessary, meddling by accident in his plans of hostile takeover. Blitz and Massive is a game that offers through comedy a time well spent with an interesting plot line that takes place through strange yet funny places, a lot of puzzle solving, some cool mini-games and a lot of silly situations that will make the player burst into laughter over and over again all through the adventure."

In Blitz and Massive, I've performed mainly as an artist, creating several 3d and 2d assets. At a later stage I've helped scripting some game events in LUA and created a promotion/easter-egg mini-game.

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